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Am thinking that Rachel quitting NYADA when she did is going to have some pretty significant repercussions



Going to a school like that is partly about learning technique and stage craft, but it’s also about learning to handle the business side of being an actor. Learning how to conduct yourself and behavior that is expected and how to handle the pressures of being a working actor. Maybe things like dealing with poor critiques (which she is very poorly equipped to handle), how to handle finances (because once a show closes, those fat paychecks stop and you have to survive on your savings until a new part comes along). 

Not attending the after party is another episode of Rachel just showing that she doesn’t know how to behave. It’s rude to her cast mates and the production crew (who hired her). It’s a missed chance to network (which can help her in getting work in the future) and it just keeps showing that Rachel has no real interest in the show beyond how it benefits her. I cannot imagine that Rachel is particularly liked by the rest of the cast as she ran off her understudy and doesn’t seem to interact with any of them beyond what they can do for her. Rachel might have some good will at the moment because of the great reviews she received, but it’s really easy to burn through that with a misstep and she’s losing the chance to really get the cast and crew on her side to weather the rough times that are that we know are coming down the road.

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oh you had a bad day???????? WELL 2014 years ago the dinosaurs went instinct on this very day. think before u speak

…..sweetheart, I think you are mistaken.

listen sweetie(: im a dinosaur scientist i know what i’m talking about

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@marvel Flattery will get you nowhere! Probably. Maybe. *looks the other way* 

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