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Kurt in the Klaine discussion during 'Tested'


Ok so I just need to get out a few things. I’m seeing mixed reaction to the klaine discussion, particularly surrounding Kurt’s demeanor. 

Though I’ve never been in a relationship, it seems to me that it’s unrealistic for every single discussion/quasi-argument to have both partners in the same mental/emotional state. For the previous one, they were both overwhelmed, scared, confused at the fact that not living together wasn’t working. Kurt felt claustrophobic, Blaine felt excluded. They had different points of view and different reasoning, but they were both upset over the living situation.

But here. This problem is centered around Blaine’s insecurities. Kurt doesn’t know this. He sees Blaine trying to not-so-subtly push unhealthy heavy food at him when he’s trying to live a fit life. He sees Blaine attacking him in combat class with some unknown emotional motive. He sees Blaine’s been turning to porn instead of him when they haven’t had sex in a week. 

Now remember Kurt’s monologue from earlier. He’s proud of his new body, of his new confidence, of his skills - and people finally recognizing that and appreciating that. Remember his talk in the hospital, he’s proud of what he did - and his classmates are impressed as well. People are seeing him for the person he is - talented, attractive, brave…

Back to the discussion. Blaine talks about his hero complex and how he feels everything is reversed…from Kurt’s perspective he’s hearing how everything he’s accomplished and proud of is making Blaine feel bad about himself. Now that he’s finally able to stand on his own two feet, fight back against hate, feel proud of who he is…yet Blaine seems to feel connected to the past in which he was the helper and Kurt the helpee. We clearly see Kurt’s opinion that yes, them both being driven stars at NYADA and wanting a similar careers means there WILL be competition between them. But he wants to be in it together, and he doesn’t want him or Blaine to feel negatively about the fact that Kurt doesn’t feel helpless anymore.

You see his face and hear his voice soften when Blaine finally breaks and says he’s scared Kurt will outgrow him and stop loving him. Kurt assures him that it’s not the case, it could never be the case, and you can see the remaining confusion - how could Blaine possibly be insecure around him, because in his eyes Blaine is and always has been gorgeous and desirable. And before saying anything else makes sure that Blaine knows that Kurt wants him to come forward if he’s having these doubts/insecurities. Because if they’re honest and communicate, then they can avoid buildup of resentment and jealousy.

I don’t think Kurt was being insensitive. I think he was processing Blaine’s thoughts about him and his success, Blaine’s thoughts about himself, and Blaine’s worries about their relationship. He goes from not understanding, to going on the defensive, to confused/sad/understanding, to reassurance and validation. He ends by embracing Blaine, his fiance practically crying his understanding against his neck. They decided to lead a healthier lifestyle together, getting themselves on a common ground to they can pursue their dreams together once more.

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Mercedes sees a million romantic candles all over every surface of the apartment, and immediately thinks GOD DAMNIT BLAINE NOT AGAIN. [x]

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